Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where do you get the invitation pass

"How come you have so many free movie passes"
"Where to win free movie passes"

I often get such question from friend, and will answer everyone in a shot. Basically I am not affiliate to any of the company which I will mention below and those are my source for free movie invitation.


Radio Station
www.hitz.fmHitz FM 92.9
www.mix.fmMix FM 94.5
www.era.fmEra FM FM 96.7 FM
Community Site
http://www.allmalaysia.infoAll Malaysian Blogger Project
Cinema Screen Cinema Golden Vilalge Cineplex
Magazine Magazine College Magazine Magazine
Advertising Network
www.sun2surf.comThe Sun Online Star Online Today Online
Movie Distributor International Picture
www.foxmovies.com20th Fox Century
bventertainment.go.comBuena Vista
Local Media

The Star Newspaper
Malay Mail Newspaper
Malaysian Today Newspaper
The Sun Newspaper
KOSMO Newspaper
Spotlight Magazine
Faces Magazine
MYC Magazine

This is how I magically turn a piece of newspaper into nice designed invitation card (or paper sometime)

Priceless paper

Solid premier screening card

There are still plenty more out there, feel free to suggest more site with frequent movie passes up for grab by leaving a comment. I will add in to the list.
*Please note that all the mentioned list are meant for Malaysian or anyone in Malaysia only as the passes is valid to screening in local cinema.

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