Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Just a day before Christmas eve I went to 1 Utama shopping center alone for premier screening of The Spirit. As usual after the redemption, there is still plenty of time before the show and I went to shop for Christmas gift. Agreed to tag in a party on Christmas eve and that include present exchange too. So I bought a set of TV photo frame.

Likewise 1 Utama decorated its centre court with Christmas decoration too and I think the theme would be wonderland?

You can see that the feel is more like "Alice in the wonderland" world. However the best Christmas decoration award have to goto The Curve. Too bad I didn't manage to capture a single shot for it.

Went in to GSC for the movie and honestly speaking it is one heck of weird movie to me. I thought superhero movie should be at least good if not superb but heck I was wrong. The only thing is that the hero came back to life after death. He doesn't have any superpower and he is woman killer. I wouldn't even recommend anyone to watch that even if you are bored to death. Not worth 2 hour of your time.

Maybe I'm not a fan of the comic itself that I don't get the joke, I don't get the plot, and I don't get the point of the movie at all.

Sad enough that I couldn't make it to the BBQ party but still I receive this bicycle photo frame from my friend. I get a hand made Christmas card from my cousin too, and also another yet-to-open-present.

Xmas Present - Photo frame and handmade card from my cute little cousin

2008 is the best Christmas I have so far. Wake up early in the morning and headed to City Harvest Church in Sunway with Joan, and to my surprise I actually love it there, they have live band, and touching drama too, but it was short though. Then we headed back to my house to jam around with my drum set.
We haven't really catch a breathe, is time for the next plan, went to play badminton in Seigi College in Kota Damansara. Luck was not with us and ended up playing basketball and jogging in Bukit Kiara with Chloe, Jerry, Carmen, Bao Bao, and Ah Bing while Xin Ke and Joan went to shop.

When night falls, we drive all the way to hulu langat for a drink and chit chat and after that we call the day off.

View from hill top - KL Scenery

Was a very fullfulling Christmas and am looking forward for next year celebration. Thank you guys for the wonderful day!

Guess what is in this?

1 comment:

joan said...

wah, receive a lots presents hor...
n one thing u din mentioned...
u meet a lot leng lui at CHC too...
tat is another point u went to my church besides the live band..
am i right??hahaha

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