Thursday, November 13, 2008

Movie Updates

I think the cineplex is my new home, been visiting them as often as I could. Went for 2 movie since early this week, namely Madagascar 2 and GP506: The Guard Post

GP506: The Guard Post - Mid Valley GSC
Honestly speaking, the movie is kinda messy, it jump from scene to scene and from past to present and present to past without clearly notifying the viewers. I'm not sure I get the story right but basically it is about virus infection in an army camp. When one is infected, he will turn violent and thus killing his mate within the camp. The head of the camp was aware of this issue but choose not to report to the HQ because he doesn't wants to disappoint his dad who is suppose to be a high ranked sarjan or something like that. So he and another fella twist and turn the actual incident whereby it was discovered by an inspector. The movie keep you wonder what actually happen and why it happen till the end of the movie but sadly there weren't much action and it is a 2 hour long korean movie. I would rate it 2 over 5 anyway.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
This movie if freaking aweomse as compare to the first series. Yea and you should go watch it, a clean 5 over 5 star.

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