Thursday, November 13, 2008

11 November 2008, A memorable day..

11 November 2008, A memorable day for Joan, why? Because she had more than 30 friends that help to make that day a special day for her. See how lucky you are..
Anyway it wasn't any surprise birthday celebration as it was pre-informed. So Chloe, Xin Ke, and me left PJ around 6.30m went to baker cottage and bought a black forest cake for the birthday girl, why black forest? Xin Ke pick the cake because that is the cake that she loves.. Anyway resume to our journey and caught in a heavy yet terrible jam along federal highway all the way till exit point of cheras and out of blurness I make several wrong turn..

Thank to my awesome driving skill, still manage to reach on time and earlier than those living nearby.. We picked Station One to celebrate as I was told that student around there do visit Station One for special occasion. Then the birthday princess came with a group of mates all in black and I thought there is some sort of dress code =.=" Since we are all starving we ordered food and Joan ordered coconut rice with fried chicken
Initially Chloe volunteered to go upstage to sing her a birthday song, and so I went to ask for permission but heck they don't even know what I'm talking about and they thought I requested the band to sing a birthday song instead. Anyway whichever work, works. Again the blur staff took the cake out when the singer was half way singing a song and requested them to change immediately, so while waiting they were like standing beside us with the candle lighted up and waiting for the 'suitable' song.. lol
The celebration ended after we finish our slice of cake and then the birthday girl went for next round of celebration with another group of friends, see how famous you are when you step your foot on Sg Long..
Before we leave there are more SS photo taking session and here are some few shot of our grown up beauty

Present from us

Luxury present where you can buy a set of drum upon selling them off XD

Despite the bumps here and there, we still hope you have a happy and memorable birthday. Happy Birthday again to you! ^^


joan said...

y u didnt post ur own pic??
10x for all on tat day la

Fallen Angel said...

why have to post my own pic?
I'm not the main host of the day
Well hope you had a nice day la..

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