Sunday, November 16, 2008


Wake up at 9am yesterday and headed to ss2 to bring my friend to cineleisure, apparently I have won premier pass to the movie quarantine, and so I drag xin ke along as usual. Things weren't smooth in the beginning, I went to redeem the pass and it is written there admit one (1) only.. =.=" usually when I won those passes it comes in pair but this.. 1 person only.. and so I tried to talk to the sponsor and managed to get another pass..

The movie is actually a combination of cloverfield (first person view) and resident evil (virus spread), when you combine two good movie you will get great movie. It started with a reporter interviewing 2 fireman by joining them in the camp. Everything went on smoothly until they receive an emergency call and the reporter follow to the reported scene. They were then quarantine in the building because there is this disease within it and no one is allow to leave the building. The whole thing turn from very lame to very interesting. It is all about surviving, running away from those who were infected and plenty more..

Have not watch any nice horror movie lately until this.. *clap*

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