Sunday, October 12, 2008

Google Chrome - Stats for nerds

In case there is anyone out there still wondering what chrome is here's a quick cap. Chrome is a newly launched Internet browser by Google. It has a simple and clean layout. You can get Google Chrome by clicking here. For firefox and opera user you might notice that chrome is very similar to what you have been using.

Let's take a look at the memory (from task manager) chrome consumption

Actually every tab in Google chrome consume its own memory instead of the whole browser taking up memory which might cause memory hog. Google have this built in feature where it break down for us to see which process or tab is taking up all our precious space. You can access it by right click on the empty tab space on top of the page and choose task manager.
Click on the Stats for nerds and it will show you the summary page
It will also compare the memory consumed by all the running browser and on bottom of the page, it tells you exactly how many memory is consumed by each tab and services.

By separating out the tab and processes, you can close any one of them without having to close the whole browse when one of the tab hangs.

There is another pretty cool effect you can do with chrome, by default every page is open into a new tab, you can actually click on the tab and while holding on your left click, simply move your cursor to the middle of the page, and then release, ta-da.. you have separated the tab out into a new window.

Tab browsing is fun, but sometime we accidentally closed the wrong tab, and find difficulties in retrieving them. I'm gonna teach you how to retrieve them. Simple hold down CTRL + Shift + T on your keyboard and pop your browser will retrieve your recently closed tab.

*This work on firefox too


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