Saturday, October 11, 2008

Officially hunting for drumset

Alright, after searching hi and low for an affordable and reliable drumset, I am officially announcing that I am looking forward to buy a used/new drumset.

So anyone of you out there have a set to sell, please leave me a comment with your contacts and I shall get back to you. The set that I am looking forward to is as below:
  • Good condition
  • Full set which include 5pcs set, snare stand, paddle, hihat with stand, crash with stand
  • It would be good if it come with ride, ride stand, double bass paddle, or muffle
  • Any brand but not too cracky sound (remember to tell me the brand and model too)
My budget would be around 1500 - 2000 MYR depending on the brand, condition, and location of the seller. Preferably someone around Selangor / KL (Malaysia).

Thank for viewing.

Rock on..


chenhow said...

Rich kia, finally willing to break ur piggy bank. Hope this time u will go for it instead of wasting another year to do stupid drum research

Fallen Angel said...

=.=" my passion, my life dude.. Hoping to get a good bargain around.. and hoping not to get complain by the neighbor..

joan said...

a kor,
hope this time ur words will b follow by action..haha
try to look for u la,
bcoz it oso benefit me,
i can go ur hse play ard....haha

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