Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Diet I must

Gosh, got a scare of the day. Currently I'm weighting at approx 55kg.. With all the sleep late, night activity, my biological clock is out of tune already.. I don't take my breakfast, don't consume lunch, but when the night falls, I can take up to 3 meals within that short period of time.

Also notice there significant symptom showing why I gain consistently
  1. Supper, a night ghost I've become
  2. Less exercise due to workload and less buddy to tag along
  3. Consume too much of unhealthy food
  4. Sleep after meal, shower after meal (don't even know if this myth is true)
Therefore I've prepare a checklist for myself
  1. Sleep early before 2am
  2. Don't think I can totally cut off my meal as off now, so will consume less amount for time being
  3. NO more, I repeat, NO more junk food
  4. Exercise wise, we will see how
Aiming to reduce at least 1kg within 2 weeks.. We shall check again by 28 Oct 2008
Hope to see a crystal clear result.
Until then, finger cross.

1 comment:

Eileen said...

I'm also planning to follow a diet plan to shed the extra weight which I have gained in last few years.

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