Sunday, September 28, 2008


I've notice that I've been feature in someone's blog, not entirely sure if that person is me but I sense 90% accuracy. Therefore I'm replying her post in my blog :)

Well first of all I'm not that hardworking. I always finish late is because I'm multitasking, partially chatting, partially looking for personal stuff, partially working and partially missing someone..

Then allow me to give you more description on that person. She is very young, cute, and adorable. Have long straight silky hair in black, and a pair of cute eyes. The best part is she have canine teeth and the sad part she is wearing braces to smoothen her teeth. But anyhow she is still adorable. Most important of all she likes hanging out at home doing nothing.. lol..

From our conversation, manage to found out that she is those that obey parent's instruction and does know what is good and bad for her.. *clap* She have been into a few not so successful relationship and that anyone who is blind enough to appreciate her effort toward a true love is like letting go of an golden opportunity.

Well that's all about her, is time for me to dig deeper to find out who the guy she wrote about is. XD


Anonymous said...

who is that? You too admiring her? :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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