Thursday, October 2, 2008

Calling all music lover

Attention to all music freak out there, there is a new community just launched and is gathering anyone, yes anyone which include you. It doesnt matter if you know how to sing, how to play guitar, how to play the drum, how to scream, how to dance, how to eat, etc etc... we just want you.

Why should I join you asked?

Well first of all there are quite a number of hot musician who have their own expertise in certain musical instrument, there is one who composed her own song too..

Secondly there you get to earn $ and freebies too. How?
1. Register here
2. Enjoy & participate in the community
3. Get rewarded.. cool huh..

Head over to smeex and get a live

**Btw I will post the free CD by this week.. Sorry for the delay

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