Friday, September 19, 2008

Giving out free CD

Is been long since I last update my blog.. well as usually busy with work/life/leisure/whatever-you-name-it..

Anyway since I've been busy cleaning up my room too (yea right).. I found out that there are something still nicely wrap and still new.. They are 2 pcs of CDs.. One is pussy cat dolls and the other one is love song compilation.. I wanted to give it out to anyone out there who is reading this as a token of appreciation for reading my blog.. Just drop a comment and we shall deal from there on the collection method..

Oh ya.. I will post up a picture of it too later of the day and the song list too.. Stay tune for more..

Have a happy friday.. TGIF :)


adam said...

hei i would love to have those cds!!

Fallen Angel said...

Hi Adam,
Kindly refer to this post

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