Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pretz n Beanz - Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2015

If you haven't read about my review on Pretz n' Beanz do check them out here and here. Since then Pretz n' Beanz has been expanding their menu and is even involved actively in terms of activities and campaign. In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness, Pretz n' Beanz even dedicate part of their menu serving pink item on the month of October.
The Pink Set comes with a Pink Milkshake and a Pink Pretzel for only RM9.90. Click on the link to find out more:

Pretz n' Stew - Green Curry Chicken - RM19.70
Serves with 2 freshly baked plain pretzel, the green curry chicken come in rather huge portion. I do love how well the soft and fluffy pretzel blend with the green curry by dipping into it. Chicken is cut into cube size for easy consumption and go very well with the pretzel.

Cheesy Mushroom Chicken Baked Rice - RM16.20
Baked butter rice with sauteed mushroom, chicken chunk and topped with mozzarella cheese. Personally think the rice is slightly over wet side but overall it taste good especially where it is served with butter rice instead while the melted cheese provide a crispy sensation to every spoon full of goodness.

Champignon Baked Egg - RM19.70
Wanted to have a hearty meal? Then opt for the Champignon Baked Egg with freshly cook eggs blend with mushrooms and cheese, served with freshly baked plain pretzel and veggie sticks.

Among other dishes served that was were some of the food I covered back then and you can check them out Pretz n Beanz Solaris Mont Kiara and Pretz n Beans IPC
Hawaiian Chicken Preztel Pizza

Aglio Olio with Salmon
Cinnamon Preztel
BBQ Chicken Preztel Pizza
What's worth highlighting is that the consistency of the food presentation, taste, and quality remain at tiptop condition and deserves an applause for the effort.

Volcano Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream - RM15.05
Moist on the inside, the chocolate melts burst upon cutting it, thick and not overly sweet. Perfect dessert made to share.

Did you know that you can win voucher and other goodies from Pretz N' Beanz? Do keep an eye on their social media (Facebook) cause someone just walked away with a Phuket Trip recently.

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