Monday, October 19, 2015

Mr Pieman

Thinking that Mr Pieman serves only pie, I was surprise with its menu. Mr Pieman is located at TTDI (the same row with RHB) and offer food item like big breakfast to even suitable meals for dinner.
Mr Pieman too offer a soothing and comfortable dining atmosphere where you could pamper yourself to a leather sofa over some comfort food. Surrounding is tidy and brightly lighted.
Before Mr Pieman, the owner Mr Thomas Romal commence by manufacturing pie and pastry and supplying it to cafe, restaurants and even hotels.
Whether a chill out place, a meeting or discussion venue, or even celebration, Mr Pieman is the right place to be with free speedy internet connection and scrumptious meal cater to everyone, anytime, and let's not forget about the peaceful and quiet atmosphere.
Chicken Pot Pie Set - RM15.90
The Chicken Pot Pie set come with Soup of the day, side salad, and a cup of soft drink. It comes in generous portion and very crispy top crust with baked chicken and gravy on the bottom. Personally I do think the gravy is slightly over to the watery side, but overall it taste good especially with the crust dip into the gravy, soaking all the flavor while still remain crispy upon consuming.
Chicken Mushroom Pie Set - RM11.90
There are a two size of the pie here in Mr Pieman Cafe, one being the 3 bite size and one is the standard serving size. The Pie Set comes in a standard size and trust me, the standard size is as huge as your palm and is heavily weighted. The set comes with soup of the day, side salad, and a cup of soft drink. Very mushroom rich and flavorful cut chicken are tightly stuff inside the perfect thickness of pie with crunching texture to it.
Big Breakfast - RM14.90
All day big breakfast comes with jumbo sausage, 2 potato corquettes, sauteed mushroom, baked beans, 2 eggs, 2 slices of whole meal bread with butter and marmalade. The sausage is very juicy and flavorful, and I love the sauteed mushroom for its great fragrant and is overall a very satisfying plate of goodness that come with a very reasonable price.
Chicken Chop - RM16.90
For those who prefer something heavier, you can opt for their Chicken Chop set that is well marinated with crumbs. The crispy out and tender meat is served with very rich and thick brown sauce, with fries and salad on the side. This is easily one dish that satisfy everyone in a family.
Apple Crumble - RM9.90
While I love the crunchy top, the filling bottom is overly moist probably from the melting scoop of ice cream. So be sure to dig in one it is served.
Lava Cake - RM9.90
Very chocolaty rich and thick, loving every bite of the lava cake inside out, every spoon is burst with flavor and satisfaction.
Sausage Scone - RM3.50 each
This is my most favorable item here in Mr Pieman. The homemade sausage is wrapped within a crusty pastry without the usual sausage skin, causing the flavor and aroma from the sausage to be infused into the pastry. This is not something you could get elsewhere and the sausage itself is really well seasoned.
Pineapple Pie - RM5.90
What make Mr Pieman stand out from others is their very packed filling that is stuffed under the perfect layer of pastry. The pineapple pie is really good and not overly sweet according to my preference and contains chunk and bits of pineapple in any random bite.
Chicken Rendang Pie
Just before I left there is a serving of Chicken Rending Pie and I actually drool by looking at it, it is such a waste that I didn't get to try it out as I'm rushing elsewhere but I would definitely return to try this out.
Tada... Here's the palm size pie as mentioned earlier. Now who says pie aren't proper meal, or it doesn't make you full? With years of experience in B2B market, every dish here are carefully made to not just satisfy that craving, but also to cater for a bigger crowd with wide array of menu and affordable price.

Mr Pieman
35, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur

Line: 03-7733 5559
HP: 016-673 1756

Business hours: Daily from 8am to 10pm


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