Sunday, May 31, 2015

#TakNakSeludup / #StopIllicitTradeOfToObaccoProducts Campaign

While most (if not all) of us remember the date of Valentine's Day, Xmas, and so on, did you know May 31 mark another special occasion every year? Initiated by World Health Organisation (WHO in short), every May 31st is World No Tobacco Day. Aiming with a clear objective to educate the public about risk associated with tobacco, and providing guideline to aid in fighting against tobacco consumption.
Each year there will be a different theme on World No Tobacco Day and recognising the illicit tobacco trade as a potential threat to reducing smoking incidences, WHO picked Stop Illicite Trade of Tobacco Products as the theme this year to combat the burgeoning problem.
In conjunction with 2015 World No Tobacco Day, Media Prima Berhad (Malaysia's leading integrated media company) launched #TakNakSeludup campaign. It is a really clear cut campaign that aim to convey and call for action from every party in playing their part to help stop the Illicit Trade of Tobacco Products, especially cigarettes.
Opening Speech by Madam Shareen Ooi (Group Chief Marketing Officer)
Presentation by Dato' Akbar Satar (President, Transparency International Malaysia Illicit Tobacco Trade)
For your info, illicit tobacco trade is not just local but an international issue. In developing nations like Malaysia, one out of three packet of cigarette sold are smuggled. This had cost not only the country to lose RM2 billion in taxes annually, but also a great lost to the people of the nation. What's more shocking is that Malaysia is ranked third country with highest  illicit cigarette consumption among 11 Asian countries.
While our country lost billion due to smuggling activity every year, there's a more frightening trend that if nothing is being done. A pack of smuggled cigarette may cost as low as RM3.50, the consequences by smoking such cigarette is much greater with finding and claim that such cigarette often contain ingredient that exceed the or more hazardous that what it should be. Furthermore with price so cheap, student tend to start smoking at younger age. There are also claim that once these student are hooked, they would rather spend their pocket money on smuggled cigarette over a packet of warmful Nasi Lemak.
The illicit tobacco trade in Malaysia is deeply impacting the socio economic growth in the country, effecting the health and safety of the society. The increased efforts by the authorities through nationwide operations have helped reduce its trade. However due to their affordability and high addictive chemical compounds, the consumption of illicit cigarettes remain high. 
 Therefore let us all hand on hand pledge to help stop illicit trade of tobacco products by creating awareness among our network, by putting a stop to the unhealthy activity and restoring back a healthy lifestyle among the society. 

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