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When was your last time having home cook food? I bet many of us, especially student from outstation and working adults had already lost count and is so used to the typical take away / 'ajinamoto' food out there. Good news is, if you've miss home cook so much, Tossed! is here to satisfy not only that craving but also transporting you back to where home is.
Tossed! is strategically located in Level 4 of Jaya Shopping Centre at Seksyen 14 (just beside Digital Mall) and offers patron a soothing comfy dining atmosphere. Now you may not have such fancy deco back home, you have to admit that owning one (similar to those in Tossed!) is always one of your wish.
Whether is on a swing chair or dining on top of the patch of green grass (artificial grass that is), there will be a section which caught your attention. The best part dining here beside the scrumptious food has to be the simple yet cozzy feel. Whether is a gathering or even an alone time, Tossed! is where you really wanna be.
I started off by ordering a glass of Mix & Match Fruit Juice, just because I feel like being healthy.
Mix & Match Fruit Juice- RM11
The drink is a mixture of Apple, Orange, and Watermelon. Refreshingly soothing to the throat and has no added sugar to enhance its sweetness and yet taste awesomely good in every gulp.
Flat White
Next beverage I tried is the Flat White, though the drink wasn't in the list of menu, it does have a velvety consistency following foamy steam milk. It was soothing and very awakening drink with the shot of espresso in it.
Tossed! Beef Burger - RM22.90
This Beef Burger is a home-cooked style gourmet beef patty slapped together with a slice of aged cheddar and an array of fresh vegetables in a bun, which will surely satisfy. Due to religion beliefs, I have to give this a skip and only munch on the crispy out, fluffy in fries.
Tossed! Fried Rice - RM18.90
Tossed! Fried Rice is consist of shrimp & chicken slices in a sambal infused rice served with a fried egg & chicken wings. Personally I don't like sambal due to the very strong and overpowering smell of 'belacan', but for this, I love the presence of sambal yet the absence (or very mild) of belancan in every spoon. Fried chicken was good and juicy to my liking. Ah this is what I really miss and it had been a while since I have such simple yet flavour packed dish.
Seafood Marinara ( choice of Fettuccine ) - RM 20.90
Seafood Marinara has a strong tomato base sauce mixed with fresh seafood. I love the sourness of the tomato paste the way a good pasta should always have. If I'm coming back for more of Seafood Marinara, I would opt for spaghetti cause I like my noodle thin.
Beef Bolognaise - RM17.90
Minced beef in a traditional tomato based sauce.
Spicy Prawns Aglio-Olio - RM18.90
The Spicy Prawn Aglio-Olio is simply heavenly. The spaghetti is very well timed and cooked served with garlic infused olive oil as base along with fresh prawns. A hinch of spiciness kicks in follow by the fragrance of garlic, making it irresistible especially for a garlic person like me.
Salmone Fusilli - RM 20.90
Salmone Fusilli has a perfect blend of flavour, savory from the creamy cheese went well all along with the salmon and fusilli. Personally I would think this is good for you to share with others as it you might get 'gelat' with the rich cream and generous portion.
Tossed! Signature Fruit Salad - RM18.90
An explosion of colour and flavor tossing fresh fruits & vegetables with homemade vinaigrette. I never, I repeat, NEVER had a fruit salad that is this delicious and refreshing in my life. The Fruit Salad may seems like a bowl of mixed fruit, but what's really happening in your mouth is an explosive of juice and natural sweetness. It doesn't matter if you're a fruit / salad person or not, once you try this, you'll always come back for more, that I can assure.
Tossed! Signature Wings - RM12.90
In trend with the recent Korean hype, Tossed! came out with their version (or at least similar) of Korean Styled Crispy Chicken Wings coated with a house specialty sauce & garnished with sesame seeds. The fried chicken has a well balance of batter vs. meat and is crunching on the outer layer. The sweet sauce did enhance the flavor. Overall it is a good snack to go with your meal.
Royale Pudding - RM8
A rich vanilla bean pudding served with sticky toffee & topped with a raspberry coulis The way to eat this is to scoop all the way from bottom up. There will be a hintch of bitterness where it will soon be cover with pudding sweetness and ends with slight sourish flavour. Love how each flavour come into your palate one after another and definitely like the smooth texture of it.
Sticky Date Pudding - RM15
A slice of freshly baked Sticky Date Pudding drizzled with caramel sauce paired with vanilla bean ice cream. Pudding was good but is slightly over the dry side, which is no big case cause the ice cream does its job by adding moist to it. Ice cream are outsource from Fat Baby so if you're a fan you know you're into something awesome here.
Banana Fritters - RM12
The freshest bananas battered & deep-fried to perfection served with vanilla bean ice cream & maple syrup. The banana came in a huge size and is indeed a sweet and healthy savory to end a good meal here at Tossed!

Overall Tossed! is not just a makan place, it is an excuse for you to held gathering with all the interior and scrumptious meal. Is a venue where you could spend hours around without much distraction and is where you made your tummy happy. Check out Tossed! for more promo in near future.

4.51, Level 4, Jaya Shopping Centre,
Jalan 14/17, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel: 03-79318994

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