Thursday, November 6, 2014

P1 Nostalgic Nation: OMA Challenge

Growing up in the 80s, I am always amazed by things that could magically transform from one shape to another, and that explain why I am a Transformer fans even till now. I too am attracted to how a single A4 paper could be folded into object that beyond imagination and that is how I got involved in origami since young. Still remember how I used to teach my cousins and friends to fold our very own toy like jumping frog, flying plane, and etc.
If you follow me close enough, you might notice recently I "NBTD (Nothing Better To Do)" and posted a few video on what some called kiddie project. It was actually a P1 Nostalgic Nation Online Media Associates challenge that we given to us where we have to compete 3 given task namely #FoldABoat, then #FoldAPlane and finally #MakeAFall. If case you miss it here they are again.

Week 1 : #FoldABoat

Week 2 : #FoldAPlane

Week 3 : #MakeAFall

Honestly speaking, I started off being skeptical, thinking this is a waste of time, but as I go along, I ended up folding more and more different model, coming out with all different and improved version and at one point, got over excited that I almost forgotten I'm in a competition. Piece by piece, flashback came into my mind where I once feel young, feel excited all over origami again.
There were so many to choose from that many are not being feature in and under a 30 second video. Like there's one plane I folded which was suppose to be a fly back plane and I swear it is one weird looking plane and it doesn't fly back sometime, thus with time running out I have to put it aside.
One of the biggest challenge during the entire process beside shortage of time would be capturing video with one hand while executing the task with another hand. Retake is indeed required and it is tiring because I have to make sure my one and only phone doesn't turn into drop test victim.

The wonderful outcome from this challenge beside winning the prizes (which would be really awesome) is where I realise how much I miss the green atmosphere. Caught in IT industry for years now, I have definitely miss working out and breathing fresh air on the open field. Knowing how much I miss out, I pledge to cut off all the lame excuse and dedicate a good hour everyday to do some workout.
Isn't it amazing, how tiny thing like these could change my life. As we grow, we tend to chase after things that doesn't really bring happiness. As time past, we tend to forget what really matter to us and started to lose direction. Thankfully, P1 is not only committed to their fans but also to their client by promising best deal you'll ever find across Malaysia.

For those who are keen to join but is not among the OMA, fret not because there is a similar challenge open to public and you too can experience what I have been through. Do check them out here:

Thank you P1 for the great opportunity and for reviving my awesome childhood memories. Guess what? Next I would be ringing my cousin and friends for a 'yum-cha' session so that we could relive the moment again, together.

*Psst.. No innocent (fresh / clear / whatever you wanna call it) paper were harmed during the challenge

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Packet Buddy said...

Nice entry there..very entertaining. I wish i had the skills to fold different styles of paper planes..but i only know 2 types :P

All the best anyway!

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