Monday, November 24, 2014

Strongbow #GoldenMoments

In case you didn't know yet, Strongbow is UK best-selling cider whereby each bottle of Strongbow made from a perfect blend of specially selected culinary apples. Just when you thought nothing could get better than the best selling cider, Strongbow unveils 3 new flavours to the family on 12 November 2014 and I was so hyped up to be among the first to try it out at the preview event and one thing is for sure, the best apple cider (original) just got better!
Despite the heavy downpour, it failed to stop the crowd from heading over to the preview launch, even me arriving sharp, the venue was already packed with more on their way. Everyone is patiently waiting to tryout the new variants, and with a strongbow on my left, finger food on my right, the mingling flow went on smoothly and naturally, exactly like how Strongbow sooth the throat with real apples.
Julie Woon was appointed as the emcee for the night and she's lovely as usual. It was then follow by a dance performance portraying colour, dynamism and freshness that is captured in the 3 new variants.
With the Strongbow's 3 new variant is officially launched namely Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold, Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey, and Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower.

Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold

After the first sip I could really feel the thicker taste of real apple. If you like the original, there's no doubt you will be in love with this series just after a sip. It is indeed refreshing and offered bold apple kick to the palate. Overall the Gold series has a pretty rich and stronger apple taste to it.

Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey

Honey lover have more reason to rejoice because one can have both honey and apple cider in the same bottle. You could really taste the sweetness honey has to offer and it does not overpowered the taste of the apple.

Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower

This is to be by far the most interesting flavour release today at the preview launch. There is a pinch of flowerish aroma in every sip. Neither the aroma nor apple cider overpowers each other. Besides, the aroma of Elderflower makes it all interesting, it offered an explosive taste from the lime that leaves a lingering feeling around your taste bud.

Whether it is a business discussion, a casual outing, a romantic date, a BFF night, or even a chill moment to mingle around, Strongbow aid in striking a realconversation, creating golden moment with everyone around. Anytime is an indulging moment with Strongbow, it sooth the throat and chill the heat with great companionship by adding colour and dynamic taste that none can resist.

The 3 new Strongbow Apple Ciders variant will be available in early December 2014. For more updates do follow the following channel
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