Sunday, September 21, 2014

Rendezvous Corner

Located in one of the busiest area around Klang Valley, Rendezvous Corner is strategically seated at the spot where college / university students and young adults loves hanging out, SS15 Subang Jaya.
Furnished with eye catching decoration surrounding the restaurant, it is difficult not to notice Rendezvous Corner especially when you're making your round in SS15 searching for parking.

Pretty safe to say this place is instagram worthy with all the garden theme and I'm guessing as night fall, and when they turn on all the lights, your picture would definitely shine better, so do take note the next time you're around SS15 cause not only the interior is awesome, I have to give thumbs up for their cheese based dish and for the reasonable pricing.
Hi-Tea Set RM20.8
The Hi-Tea set come with a total of 3 layer with 4 pcs desert each. The top layer contain cookies which is pretty decent and have a rightful amount of sweetness to my liking. The middle layer is where you can find 4 pcs of mini cup cake where its flavour is not where you could had often, there are chocolate, milo and teh tarik flavour. The bottom layer come with normal size cup cake and again with all sort of interesting flavour like Nutella Cupcake, Red Velvet Cupcake, Black Forest Cupcake & Milo Cupcake. The cake is simply amazing, it is really moist and not overly sweet.
Escargot (1/2 dozen) RM11.80
Aromatically baked over cheese and garlic, it give a perfect flavour to the escargot and definitely perfect appetizer that 'warm up' your tummy for what's about to come.
Baked Potato RM7.80
Filled with bacon on potato skin over a layer of cheese. Crispy bottom creamy top is what you would taste. It is slightly oily but hey is bacon and cheese yo.
Cheese Fondue Chicken RM16.80
Come with crispy fried chicken and side dish of broccoli, carrot cross fries and butter bun. The flaming cheese is where you dip whatever you wish from your plate and a gentle reminder here for those who will be busy snapping photo, do consume your cheese while it is hot otherwise it will turn salty as it get cold. Personally find the dish interesting and love dipping the chicken and the bun.
Fried Cheesy Chicken RM15.80
This has to be the best dish I had that day among other dish served. Breaded chicken with generous amount of stuff ham and cheese, fried until golden brown, served along with dipping sauce, cross fries, and coleslaw. Trust me, you can ignore the sauce not because it doesn't taste good but the Cheesy Chicken itself is so "tenderlicious" nice.
Satay Fondue Chicken RM16.80
This is Rendezvous Corner interpretation of Satay with the generous amount of Kuah serves in heating pot. The sauce is not as thick as I wish it would be and the meat is pretty dry on this. Though serves only 2 stick of Satay each is pretty filled up from top to bottom of the stick.
Sweet & Sour Icy Chicken Rice RM9.80
If you're not those who enjoy cold food, avoid this at all cost. But if you're feeling adventurous you may wanna check this out. Taste wise is pretty similar to what we had always tasted except that here, you get it served to you cold. I think the ice doesn't affect the overall taste of the dish, but improvement have to be done one the chicken as it is pretty hard to chew on. 
Cheese Macaroni RM11.80
Macaroni & Cheese, have the right amount of cream and cheese that I can finish this all by myself without feeling 'jelat'. The thoughtful owner added sausage to the dish because he claimed it look plain and doesn't have any meat in it, but I think it would be even better if it was something else.
Chocolate Lava Cake RM6.80
Freshly bake, only upon order. The Lava Cake is definitely rich in chocolate bursting out from the cake. Love the fact that it wasn't too sweet to my liking and it literary melt in my mouth. 
Tropical Fruit Tea RM9.80
Contain Apple, Orange, Passion Fruit & Lemon and doesn't come with nonsense like sugar. The aromatic and sweetness comes from the fruit combination and is really good. Though refill is possible, it is not advisable cause like any refilling, the taste would turn bland.

Rendezvous Corner: 55A, Jalan SS 15/4, Subang Jaya, 47500

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