Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pretz n Beanz

Introducing the latest addition to Chilla Cup Group, the first Pretz n Beanz is located in SOHO Mont Kiara, a place where you can find good food and good hangout venue. Though there's a limited public parking space, you can always avoid the trouble waiting for one by parking inside on of the private parking and it cost only RM1 for first 3 hour (if I remember correctly).
Though the seated space inside may not be as big as other restaurant, it has pretty cozy interior with bright lighting and it is as comfort as home.
As the name suggest, you can expect lots of pretzel based dish and it is the only place in Malaysia where you can find pretzel pizza as claimed on their Facebook as follow
Since it is from Chilla Cup Group, coffee too is their strong point, wait not just coffee, they do focus on all their beverage too. So the next time you walk in, even if you're ordering fruit juice, order with peaceful mind. This is cause they use pure fruit and juices are extracted all from the fruit without artificial sugar or water.
(Left) Apple Juice - RM11.50 (Right) Cappuccino - RM11
 Fun Fact 1: They used 4 apple (or more) to fill each cup of fruit juice.
Ice Blended Mocha - RM13.90
This is one of their best selling beverage here but I didn't get to try, so you might wanna do so during your visit.

Green Tea Latte - RM11.90
I had Green Tea Latte that night and I am loving how they each blend together so well, and not forgetting the fact that it wasn't overly sweet.
Hot Pepper Chili Chicken Pretzel Pizza - RM14.90 (Regular) RM20.90 (Large)
Norwegian Delight - RM15.90 (Regular) RM21.90 (Large)
Appearance wise, both flavour look alike, simply because it is cover with a generous amount of cheese over pretzel base. Generally they do give generous amount of ingredient and there will be mean in every bite you had. The satisfaction doesn't stop there, with bursting flavour that wasn't overpowering other component. The base is freshly made and had crispy crust on the outside fluffy texture inside.
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel - RM5.90
Basil Cheese - RM6.90
Filled Pretzel with Sweet Potato - RM10.90
Like the pizza base, these pretzel are freshly made and are equally good with each flavour offers different texture and taste profile to the taste bud.

Cinnamon Sugar was pretty decent and is definitely good to share with loved one to open up the appetite.

Basil Cheese on the other hand has a rough but aromatically crispy texture that melts your heart.

Sweet Potato pretzel is the one I love most. Fluffy pretzel wrapped with crispy layer and stuffed with sweet potato over baked cheese. It is sinfully worth a cheat day, and I wouldn't mind having this 'cheat day' everyday. The sweetness from sweet potato combine well with the salty cheese and each bite bring me closer to heaven.
Caramel Butter Thick Toast - RM13.90
This has to be one of the fluffiest thick toast I had so far, topped with thick cream on top, this dish is pretty decent despite the fact that I'm not a fan of caramel. I would love to try some other topping of thick toast like Garlic, Chocolate and Cheese.

Pretz n Beanz: 22, Jalan Solaris 4, Mont Kiara 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pretznbeanz/timeline?ref=page_internal

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