Sunday, May 25, 2014

Domino's Kickoff - Your Passport to Brazil

With 2014 FIFA WorldCup kicking off soon, the hype and anticipation toward the big game is rather high and Domino's is sending you closer to the game with Domino's Kickoff contest where winner will get an all expense paid trip for 2 to Brazil! In conjunction to this campaign, Domino too introduced various series of Smoky Blended BBQ Pizzas where you could finally taste the flavours of Brazil.
Smoky Pepperoni & Mushroom
Smoky Beef N' Chick
Among the 4 pizza, only Chickensaurus is beef free and it tasted just OK to me, I still prefer the Spicy Sambal with Crunchy Thin Crust, is just superb and not too spicy.
Spicy Sambal
Beside pizza, the side dish were simply amazing like starter box and chocolate lava cake, and mind you none of the item is fried here in Domino's, there are all oven baked until crisp brown!
Starter Box
Chocolate Lava Cake
Back to the Kickoff campaign, I would rate it as a rather easy game and that everyone stand a fair chance to win. There's a total of 5 weekly winners ranging and one grand prize winner where the one player with highest score among the 5 weeks.
The gameplay is something you're already familiar with if you ever heard of flappybird. It is the same concept except that the bird is replaced with a football. Now here's the twist, some people is good at playing game and some like me is not. This is where the fair part come into picture. If you purchase pizza during this period of time via Domino's official page, you get to multiply your score. The bigger the pizza size, the higher you get to multiply your score with. Eg: If you purchase Xtra Large speciality pizza range, you get to multiply your score with x3 and if you order Xtra Large Smoky Blended BBQ Pizza range you get to multiply it with x6.
The contest run from 28 April - 1st June 2017 and you have a week more to take part which is good, cause now you get to see the previous weekly winner points and set it as a goal to break it, and with some strategy in mind and calculation, I'm sure Brazil is just an order away.

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