Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bento Live - Streaming Quality Movie for FREE

I believe most of you here love watching movie, what's more when you get to enjoy good movie with loved one at the comfort of your home. That's exactly what Bento Live aim for but unlike other online movie streaming site / app, Bento Live aim to combat piracy issue worldwide.

Bento Live is currently available on the website, Samsung Smart TV and Android app. You can view every single content / movie / drama for FREE and all you need is just an account. Psst, the Bento Live will be available on Google Play for RM6.50. Good news is, if you're a Samsung user, you can get the app for free from the Samsung App Store.
Speaking of Samsung, you know what's the best way to enjoy a good movie with? Yes, enjoying such great movie at home (avoiding jam and car park issue and escaping the burning heat), but nothing beat the awesomeness in streaming such movie over Samsung 75" super huge TV!!!
Since I can't live a week without movie, my friend recommended me to Bento Live. I was reluctant in the beginning thinking it was just another movie streaming site and I have had enough number of account in such site already. However what really cause my attention is when I overheard the advertisement in MixFM while driving. Beside loving the free movie Bento Live offered (duh, who doesn't right?), the other cool stuff about Bento Live is where streaming was buttery smooth and they come in HD format. The catch here is that there will be a 30 second advertisement before the movie and you're off to enjoy your movie peacefully without interruption. Don't complain because your favourite YouTube introduces very annoying on and off advertisement everywhere of the clip, from beginning to even after credit. So if you can live with that, you sure will find this nothing.
After watching a number of satisfy movie (and anime) here's a review on the title FEAR ISLAND. It is a horror movie I have to admit, it had been ages since I last watch a decent horror movie. Fear Island is release back in 2009 and the story evolved around a group of 5 friends spent their summer break in secluded island cabin for a weekend getaway. The desolated island doesn't have reception and the group of friends think it is a perfect getaway to actually leave behind all their gadget. After spending a night, they found the caretaker murdered and the only boat out gone missing.
Sooner, one after another from the group got murdered. As the mystery continue, the pace of the plot does get more thrilling too. It keep me glued to the screen wanting to know what really happen and since I'm being good, I will not reveal any spoiler here. I especially love the twisted end of the movie too. On the other hand, since such story ain't really oven fresh, I personally think such plot had bigger potential which the director didn't manage to explore. I would rate it a 3.5/5 for Fear Island.
For movie they have genre from Drama, Horror, Action, to even Comedy. Beside movie, Bento Live do offer documentaries, TV Series, Anime and each of these are the full season. So you can now stop being over worried for missing episode under that particular season. The movie does come with English and Malay subtitle too with option to display or not to display on every individual clip.
If you're interested in viewing how flawless the movie quality is even while streaming over huge 75" TV, go get a Samsung Smart TV and try it yourself. You can download the app for free and available only on your Samsung Smart TV. As you can see, the HD quality on Samsung 75" TV is flawless. Still confuse what Bento Live is? Then watch this commercial here..
 Wait, don't stop reading yet, cause there will be something interest you coming its way. Stuff like getting a 40" Samsung Smart TV for FREE! Yes FREE!! So you better read on.
To take part, simply follow these simple steps

STEP 1: Register an account with
STEP 2: Like Bento Live on Facebook (
STEP 3: Share the link on your Timeline (LINK)
STEP 4: Reply on contest post of your favourite movie

With just simple 4 steps, you could very likely to walk home a 40" Samsung Smart TV! I've already take part and I too do hope I could be the winner, so all the best to all of us.

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Mary Patric said...

Great article. For those who live outside US like me, you can access Netflix, Hulu and similar media stations on your Samsung Smart TV by using UnoTelly or similar tools.

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