Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Lion Men

The Lion Men, as 'ah beng' as the name sound, it is actually an Singapore movie with story evolved around the Lion Dance culture. No doubt when I found out that it was a Singapore movie, Jack Neo struck my mind and am kinda looking forward for it. Was lucky enough to get invited to the screening from Laksou and the cast did make a surprise appearance into the hall.
You may notice familiar faces on the poster itself and if you're still wondering, they are the actor from Ah Boys to Man which is also a Jack Neo film. However the role of all these cast in The Lion Men had a different role compare to the previous film and is like a total 180 degree transformation. 
Did I mention about Ah Boys to Man? Well The Lion Men beside having the same cast, there too are numerous of similarity, from love to love confusion, from friend to rivalry, CGI integrated, and the long list continue. In short it is just a different in the plot, and somehow The Lion Men doesn't really have much humor in it. Speaking of similarity, the movie doesn't end in one film, there will be a continuation which again as seen in Ah Boys to Man format.
 Psst, perhaps mixing hip hop and Lion Dance wasn't really appealing, at least not for the first part of The Lion Men.

Rate: 2/5

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