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If you think Korean food is all about Kimchi only then you're so wrong, they are famous for their fried chicken too. Well speaking of fried chicken, many would associate the best fried chicken to the their all time favourite fast food pick but then again with KyoChon venturing into Malaysia market, that's all about to change.
The very first KyoChon open right into one of the most happening shopping mall in PJ - 1 Utama. FYI 1 Utama Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya is the largest shopping mall in Malaysia and 5th largest in the world ( Located on the LG floor of New Wing, it wouldn't be difficult to spot KyoChon and that's because there's a realistic figurine statue standing right infront of the entrance.
Started off as early as 1991, KyoChon promises has never change and is proudly presented right on their timeline wall where numerous achievement is pinned along too. I was informed that there is no secret ingredient in marinating nor seasoning the chicken, they just battered it like how one would do it at home, coat it with a layer of sauce and viola magic happen. This can only be achieve with not just proper steps of preparation but also sourcing from freshest and natural ingredients.

The simple and soothing yet spacious dining area definitely allow dinners to be seated comfortably while enjoying getting their taste bud blown away. Mind you, KyoChon is not fast food so it would take approximately 20+- minutes be you to get served and this is simply because they cook upon demand/order. While waiting Super Junior fan and go around taking photo with signature from the band which can be found all over the place. The 4 signature fried chicken dish here at KyoChon would be Original Soy Series, Honey Series, Red Series, and SalSal Series.
Personally I wouldn't dare to tell others that I've visited KyoChon if I have not try any of the four mentioned series. So be sure to order at least one of the series and you would have the bragging power toward your friend who wanted to but have yet to visit KyoChon :p
Original Soy Fried Chicken
As plain as it sound, the Soy Fried Chicken is definitely not your street side fried chicken. Its skin is utterly crispy toward every bite, which the meat inside is tender and smooth like how a good fried chicken would be. It has a very mild saltiness in it and its flavor was impactful.
Honey Glaze Fried Chicken
Honey Glaze is one of the top selling here in KyoChon and is also my favourite fried chicken here. Similar base as the Original Soy Fried Chicken, this one is coated with honey after frying it and it gives that sweetness just good enough to satisfy my taste bud and not overpowering the entire flavor profile.
Red Fried Chicken
If you ever plan to try the Spicy Fried Chicken, do make sure you try it last and have cups of water standby. This is really burning hot but at a delicious level. I regretfully had it at the very beginning of the serving and my tongue was numb for a moment, thank God it recover and I manage to dine into other dishes that night. Really love the spiciness it gave that stay in the mouth for not too long.
SalSal Chicken
Chicken Breast love can also rejoice cause Salsal is made out of breast meat and it is not dry as you would have imagine it. It goes perfectly well with the sauce that came along with but I like it just as it is. Tenderly delicious with crispy batter all around it.
Jimdak Steamed Chicken RM21.90
Jindak Steamed Chicken is what you can get here at KyoChon beside the fried series. This dish is very similar to Chinese way of cooking but with stronger taste profile. It go well with Korean rice.
Dakgalbi Grilled Chicken + Kimchi Fried Rice + Egg RM25.90
Dakgalbi is Korean style grilled chicken and the part used is chicken thigh. It was moist and tender, influx with minor grill aroma. Taste wise I find it moderate only, maybe because I was craving for more of the honey glaze.
Natural Sparkling Plum Fruit Tea / Natural Sparkling Yuza Fruit Tea RM5.90
 The 2 signature drink here is definitely refreshing after a scrumptious meal. Personally think it might be slightly pricey but think about it, you are paying for not just the food and services, it also include the fresh ingredient, healthier chicken which have space to move around, and the good list continue. If you need further reason to convince yourself to go dine in KyoChon, well take it as a occasion celebration, celebrate your loved one birthday here and you will never go wrong.

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