Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Transcend (超度)

Ever since 2014 begin, my Facebook timeline has been flooded with first of everything. Things like my first supper, first movie, first this first that which I find it rather annoying to be honest. So here is my first gala premiere screening in 2014 - The Transcend at GSC Pavilion along with my first free parking in KL area.
The locally made Chinese horror movie wasn't that promising judging from its official trailer but still out of my free time, I attended the screening on Thursday night. The story begin with a newbie horror novel writer who literally produced a really lousy work and his best pal decided to aid him in achieving bigger success in publishing the second novel. His pal decided to look for help in opening his "third eye" so that he could experience a ghostly experience in search for better inspiration.
 Though it started off with a rather ordinary pace / plot, what actually caught my attention is the appearance of the spooky element which is a combination of CGI and make up. Forget about all the crappy Thai horror movie with rather funny ghostly character, this actually is way much spookier and scarier than that. While the movie is at its peak, things started to change. To me everything went downhill with the plot getting weaker and less interesting starting with the writer brave encounter with the unrest soul.
The movie as you already know is in Chinese as its main language and it seems to lock its audience to Malaysian only because it included dialect we Malaysian usually speak. Judging from its first attempt in such genre / language, I find The Transcend stand at the not bad section.

Rate: 2.5/5

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