Thursday, January 9, 2014

Devil's Due

Have a #Churpremiere screening of #DevilsDue at Cathay e@Curve on Tuesday night and I was kinda looking forward to it despite knowing that I shouldn't carry great expectation toward it.
It started off with police interrogating the husband of a newlywed in what appear to be murder case in the eye of law, and with such opening, it kinda give away how the entire story would end. The story then zoom back to a day before the 2 get marry. It was rather draggy on the first half of the movie as they spent too much time in character development and yet too short on what suppose to be exciting. After a mysterious night on their honeymoon, the wife is pregnant with what they believe will soon be their child and it was an unexpected pregnancy. This is where things started to get weird for the newlywed but sadly it doesn't really get the fear into me.
Most of the scene are shot in handy cam format and those who feel uneasy easily should stay far far away from Devil's Due.

Rate: 1/5

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