Monday, October 14, 2013

Insidious 2

It was a Friday night before the long weekend, and I was invited to partake in Insidious movie marathon at TGV 1Utama from 9PM till late night. Felt glad that I get to watch the first part again as I've forgotten most of the story (feeling old) and it was indeed a good recap before watching the second part which is schedule to last the following week.
To be honest, I find Insidious 2 does required some knowledge from the part 1 as it was a continual from it but at the same time Insidious 2 had lose all it fresh concept to its audience. Insidious 2 begin with Josh Lambert childhood haunted experience and was later zoom back to the very last scene from Insidious before the actual plot begin.
Astral Projection is what you could expect from Insidious 2 from most of the scene and plot. James Wan, a Malaysian director (who directed several famous movie like SAW, Conjuring) did a good job actually connecting the past, present, and future in what I called a mind stress that keep you thinking.
Similar to Insidious, the music were kind spooky and annoying at the same time and the annoying sound is what I could remember from Insidious prior to the marathon. Overall it wasn't scary according to my level but it was indeed frightening especially when you're expecting it.
I find that Insidious was better compare to Insidious 2 and like I mentioned earlier it was due to the freshness in it. It wasn't your typical haunted house movie, and it is all about Astral Projection which I find it much interesting than a dead soul coming back for revenge.

Rate: 3.5/5

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