Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kick-Ass 2

Three years down the road is the release of what I think a rather successful franchise and I scored my invite to the premiere screening of Kick-Ass 2 from Nuffnang.
High school costume hero Kick-Ass spark and unleash the hero in some normal citizen, encouraging them to stand up and put an end to crime. Kick-Ass soon found himself in a small group / community of costume hero recruiting new member to expand their good deed all around the city.
Mindy or rather Hit-Girl was forced to stay out of trouble and to stop mingling around with the costume hero so by her foster father so that she can lead a normal life. Struggling to ensure Mindy get accepted in to society, she was encouraged to join the girly group in her school and even go on a date with some random guy.
While all the positive energy is going around the city, on the dark side, Chris D'Amico is also forming his own team but instead of saving the world, his intention is to make a name form himself by being the baddest super villain.
The comical scene was no where near a kid comic and is filled with violence. The overall plot is pretty similar to what happen in Malaysia right now and the Kick-Ass team is just like our Rakan Cop or some call it volunteer police where they volunteer themself to keep everyone safe and sound. Though there weren't much when it come to freshness in plot, it was overall a pretty good movie to enjoy.

Rate: 3/5

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