Monday, August 26, 2013

Find Reliable Workshop Here

For those who drive to work everyday but know nuts about your car, you're in for a treat! Well the reason I own a car is not because I'm a car junkie but to serves me as a main transportation medium. After all we Malaysian know how reliable our transportation system is, and not forgetting the risk of being marked for criminal activity.
As a driver myself I am aware that I need to send my car to service (that is if my car doesn't go ill in between) to maintain its performance. I'm lucky to have a caring dad who would do all the dirty work and he often send my car to a home based workshop just within 1KM from my home. Every now and then whenever I need a mechanic the first and only workshop that strike my mine is none other than the one my dad always engage.
FYI, I am never satisfy with the service I'm getting nor am I happy with the price I'm paying simply because I have nothing to compare with and is like force to swallow whatever the one and only mechanic told me.

Even statistic shows most Malaysian have doubt in the service they are getting and/or the price they are paying. Here are some stuning finding

  • 63% of Malaysians find it difficult to find a trusted mechanic
  • 68% of Malaysians refer to friends and family for current mechanic
  • 1/3 of Malaysians have high likelihood to change their current mechanic
  • 1/3 of Malaysians have more than 5 years old car.
It is indeed a grey area when it come to servicing/repairing your car here in Malaysia. Though we know how one family may own several cars or from the noticeable jam everyday, it is sad that most of the driver had very little knowledge in car and will have to accept whatever the mechanic told them. It would be good if the one you're dealing with is honest and ethical, but what if they are not? 
Seeing that there's a need to create awareness and a need to educate the public especially car owner more about their car, Castrol innovative team came out with a site that would not just cater to all the issue mentioned earlier but also with some killer feature that once you're hook you'll never survive without it.  Carama ( is developed not just for workshop to list themselves onto the website in order to gain more business as it is NOT a classify / listing site. There will be a team working and validating each and every workshop listed on the website and they will also certify reputable workshop so that you can send your car there without hassle and worries. 
Beside looking for a reliable nearby your area, you too can briefly find out the Recommended Retail Price on spare part in the "Spare Parts Calculator" section. This would definitely aid you in controlling your budget and to identify if a mechanic is overcharging you with the same item. Though it may not have the complete list of spare part yet, they do have sufficient pricing information on locally most owned car model which is good enough to keep the good word floating around. Singing up for an account is easy as you could just connect it to your Facebook account and shall you have any review / comment / info to share, you will be rewarded with Carama point whereby it is exchangeable for services under Carama's panel workshop.
I know I can go lengthy on how Carama would change my life but I will leave the exploring part for you to discover. Here's some tips for you to ensure you have a smooth and safe roadtrip.
*Ahem Ahem* I might have some Carama point to *ahem* away to some of my lucky reader. Do stay tune!

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