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Acer Aspire: Bringing touch closer to you

Acer launched a few Aspire series of Ultrabook after seeing its huge success from the Aspire series last year and had since then receive pretty much spotlight from press and the public. I on the other hand was delighted to be invited to a launch party prior to a long weekend at none other than the most happening club in town - Poppy Collection. I took the LRT to avoid unwanted and unnecessary pre-holiday after office hour rush and it was just walking distance from KLCC.
Guest were greeted with a camwhore photography booth where you can bring out the stylish freak in you and best part is to have it captured and printed for you to keep so that in future you can laugh at your stupidity creativity.
With Tiesto and his assistant assign as Acer Aspire ambassador, the stage is heavily decorated in the form of musical / DJ theme. The appointment of Tiesto and his geeky assistant to be Acer Aspire P3 Ambassador is to showcase what the device is capable of, instead of serving its owner as just another plain and flat boring business tool.
While waiting for the event to officially start, guest are invited to take part in a mini giveaway competition by submitting their most creative photo / caption / status update on twitter and/or instagram with the hashtag of #myacertouch. Updates were displayed on the projected screen and everyone is competing one after another in order to win a RM100 shopping voucher which would be announce later that night.
As time past, the emcee heat things out with not one not two but three mini game continuously before getting the party started. First round of game is pretty simple, 3 contestant have to balance 5 dice on top of one another on an ice cream stick stuff into their mouth. The second round was even easier, simply finish up a cup of soft drink the fastest and win. While you might think the last and final round would be something easy too, then you're in for a ride. Contestant was required to dance on stage to a randomly played song. Everyone including the on lookers had plenty of fun and we are set to go. But before that let's congratulate our brave contestant and champion of each game as follow
Next up a product introduction by Jeffrey Lai, product manager and was followed by introduction speech by Norhizam from Intel
Jeffrey Lai - Acer Product Manager
Norhizam - Intel
Beside having an upgrade from its predecessor, Acer Aspire V7 will only be available somewhere in mid June 2013. Among the highlight for the night are none other than Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook and Acer Aspire R7 and here are the specification for both these unit.

Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook
3rd Generation Intel Core i3-3229Y Processor | Intel Pentium Processor 2129Y
Windows 8 (64-bit)
11.6" Screen Display
HD 1366 x 768 Resolution
Intel HD Graphics 4000 | Intel HD Graphics
Thickness of 9.95 / 10.15mm
Weight of 0.79kg (without keyboard)
Battery Life up to 6 Hours
RM1999 | RM1799
Ultrabook Mode

Tablet Mode

Key Highlight

  • Weighted only 0.79KG and measuring 0.77 inches thin.
  • Responsive and fast Intel processor
  • Runs on Windows 8
  • USB 3.0 port for faster transfer speed
  • Built based on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept
  • 11.6-inch HD display with IPS technology
  • 170-degree viewing angles
  • Acer Crystal Eye HD webcam captures video in 720p HD
  • 5MP back camera
  • 60GB SSD

Acer Aspire R7
3rd Generation Intel Core i5-3337U Processor
Windows 8 (64-bit)
15.6" display with IPS Technology
FUll HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution
Intel HD Graphics 4000
Size of 376.8(W) x 254.5(D) x 20.6/28.5(H) mm
Weight of 2.4KG
Battery Life up to 4.5 Hours
Notebook Mode

Ezel Mode

Pad Mode

Display Mode

Key Highlight

  • Full HD 192x1080 touch screen
  • Powered by 3rd Generation Intel Core i5
  • 15.6" Full HD wide viewing angel with IPS display
  • 10 simutenously touch point
  • Repositioned keyboard
  • High-definition touch screen mounted on a revolutionary "Ezel Hinge" that allow multiple mode
  • Equipped with Dolby Home Theater v4 and four 8 watt speakrs
  • Audio channels automatically reverse when switching modes
  • Unibody aluminum chasis, a beautiful brushed metal hinge, and an arched cover with very subtle curves and lines
  • Won Red Dot Award: Product Design 2013 in Computers and Information technology category
  • Chosen by Computex d&i Awards from gaming and entertaining products category

It was truly an eye opener and here's a video that showcase the potential of these newly highlighted products
Food was served and not only do we have to fill our tummy, we bloggers would have to remember to 'feed' our camera and phones too
Soon after there was another round to win some cool prize of RM400 shopping voucher and it required 4 groups of 10. I join Joel, Thomas, Cindy, and few others in Group 2 and the first round was to answer Acer Aspire related quiz. The second round of the game was all about presentation about Acer Aspire, and marks were given on how each group convey or highlight the key feature of the Aspire.
Congratulation to the Quiz winner
Congratulation to the presentation winner
Just as the real party is about to get started, the emcee play us a video and asked the crowd to guess who will be spinning the disc with us in Poppy Garden, which of course the crowd responded Tiesto
Tiesto however is not in the house, but crowd were not let down cause there was this sexy hot DJs that actually make the crowd dance and move to the rhythm while demonstrating a live spin and mix of musics directly from Acer Aspire devices.
DJ Vera
DJ Vera C & friend
Before calling it off, there were more prizes of 2 smartphones and a surprise to be given out and as much as I pray to win one, luck wasn't at my side. Anyhow still would love to congratulate the lucky draw winner and would like to thank Acer for such great night.
And the surprise giveaway was also something KPop fan drooling over, it turn out to be a G-Dragon concert ticket.
Here's a video covering the event that night hope you enjoy it as much as I do and is about time to check out Acer Aspire device.

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