Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Samsung Multifunction Printer: Redefining the way you print

Imagine you're on a hurry and after shutting down your notebook and placing it into your notebook bag, only then you remember that you forgotten to print a very important document / files that you required for the next appointment you're rushing over to.
Those older type of standalone printer may require you to boot up your PC and connect it to the printer to print the document you required. Newer generation of printer may have networking feature where you can still print document without having to boot up your notebook. Network printing has a small but not frequent risk of networking issue. As easy as it may sound, there are still quite a large number of user find it complicated to setup a network printer and I did know a handful of them who would engage services just to get it done.
Samsung SCX-3405FW on the other hand could solve your headache immediately in such given situation. Anyone who know how to connect their mobile phone to their WiFi router shouldn't have issue connecting their phone to the all-in-one printer. The best thing in SCX-3405FW is that it only required a single cable which is the power cable.
The connectivity method is via WPS / WiFi Direct which is basically within a push of a button.  If you look closely beside WPS there are 2 other button which help made our world better. the ID Copy button is where you can scan and print your ID front and back and it will intelligently print it nicely and in order. The other interesting mode would be the Eco mode. Once it is activated, the printer will reduce the size to fit it into half A4 paper and is capable of printing up to 2 page on a single A4 sheet.
Not only that the Eco Mode actually help you save your toner which indirectly will help cut down Co2 as well. You too can customise on what you want to print and what to eliminate.

In order for you to enjoy the wire-free and hassle free printing, you will need an app named Samsung Mobile Print on your smartphone and it is available on both Android and iOS plaftorm. Once you connected your phone to the Samsung printer you can do more than just printing from your phone.
From photos to document to webpages or even facebook status, you can get it all printed with less than 10 second of your time. Beside that you too can perform a scan and get the scanned item into your phone directly. If that didn't amaze you, what about sending and receiving fax from your phone?
There ain't much to cover on the panel except that I could barely read what's written on the panel when it gets exposure from the sunlight. The adjustable panel did help abit but still it would be best to have a more readable panel instead.
Here's a quick video on how easy it is to print with Samsung Mobile Print. Do note that the app support only few selected model and I believe with such great feature, we could see more model to be listed in near future.
Here's the details of the Samsung SCX-3405FW and is priced between RM600-650 which is pretty darn cheap cause you are paying for a laserjet with all-in-one feature.

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