Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Croods

The Croods bring the audience back to an era similar to The Flintstones where every new thing spark a debate among the family member. Was invited to attend the premiere screening in 3D on Tuesday night at GSC Mid Valley
The Croods family was forced out of their cave due to some disaster and had to go on a road trip with a Guy they newly met to escape what Guy believe to be end of the world.
The journey of course wasn't smooth as expected and it was a journey of their life that strengthen the family bond and widen their perspective through new discovery. The CGI of the movie is pretty cartoonist, and gone were the days where these animation focus on every single detail on the character. 3D wise, it went pretty OK but not to the extend of awesome. Definitely a family oriented movie.

Rate: 3/5  

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