Monday, March 18, 2013

Fresh Code

Got an invitation from to a fan gathering at Fresh Code located in the heart of Damansara Utama (aka Uptown) last Saturday at 2PM. So what is Fresh Code?
Fresh Code is a health concern, fresh fruit beverage cafe that is modern and offer a soothing environment for that relaxing and pampering moment after a hard day on work. Their aim is to provide safest, healthiest & yet joyful juice that is refreshing and tasty at the same time. Let's take a look at the inner interior of Fresh Code.
Upon stepping into the shop, you will notice a money changer at your left while the ordering around on the right. First impressing when I stepped in is that natural and soothing feeling and it is exactly like I'm stepping in a garden / farm.
A fridge storing assorted flavor of sorbet can be spotted at the main entrance.
Price and menu are shown on the back wall of the counter and it is clear and straight forward. You get to know what are the fruits that would be blended in the drink you ordered.
Just slightly beside the cashier, there's another fridge with chilling and colorful thirst quenching juice bottle sitting in it.
Along the walkway there's this greenish artificial grass like throughout the stretch of wall together with picture of fresh fruits hanging to it. Good thing here is that it wasn't too bright nor dim and is just perfect if you need some alone time / reading session.
Each table contain an informative pamphlet explaining the benefit and nutrition information on highly recommended fruit. This could play as a suggestion card that aid you in making up your mind on what to order.
  There is this TV at the very back of the shop showcasing the very best of Fresh Code, differentiating it from "just another fruit juice" that is widely available out there. Fresh Code applies the most advanced Technology – HPP, choosing the freshest seasonal fruits from the best origins, breaking the time and space limits, squeezing freshly in natural colors. Do drop by and check it out.
Now let's go to the drink, but one last thing before that, introducing Jackson (right) the owner from and Alex (left) owner of Fresh Code.
According to Alex, their juices were squeezed and packed fresh and don't take their word just yet. These compressed juice had been sent for a test and had pass the freshness test with over 90% score.
We begin by sipping on a testing cup of high fiber pineapple juice. I must say that it does taste sweet and there's this 'meat' in it. By meat I do mean the pineapple leftover after the blend and it does taste good cause I get to chew on the rough texture.
Next up I ordered Berry Blast and Multifruit Vital. The Berry Blast is made of raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and strawberry and is said be energizing along side with the benefit on aiding eye sight, skin, and the brain. There's 2 cup size to choose from; regular or big and Berry Blast regular size cost RM11.90. The Multifruit Vital on the other hand contains Pineapple, Mango, Passion Fruit & Banana and is priced at RM10.90 on a regular cup. Personally I love the Berry Blast for its rough texture with all the berries chunk in it whereby Multifruit Vital is rather "waterish" to me. Do note that there's NO sugar added into the drink and apple juice is used to give that sweetness taste. They do deserve a round of applause for making consumer health their top priority.
Then there's this Mango Booster which I get to taste from other participant during the gathering which offered a thick texture and strong taste in it. The regular cup of Mango Booster is priced at RM7.90 each.
Just when everyone sipped away every last dip of the juice, we were in for yet another treat, and you guess it right, it was sorbet time!
Among the assorted flavor are Taiwan Irwin Mango, Taiwan Lychee, Pink Guava, Hawaiian Paradise, and Berry Bliss. There will be 2 new flavor coming soon and they are Calamansi Blast and Summer Breeze. Each scoop of sorbet is priced from RM5.90 and from RM9.90 for 2 scoop. The taste is closely similar to the taste in their juices / smoothies. These sorbet had an average texture with rich and refreshing taste to it. Personally I love the Pink Guava cause it gave me that sweet punch.
Trust me, these sorbet are the coolest and closet best dessert you should get to replace the unhealthy ice cream that you always crave for. After that we wrap things up and called it a successful gathering and is hoping to meet everyone else in another exciting gathering with fans. Do check Fresh Code out if health is your priority and they can be contacted / found with details below

No. 23 Jalan SS21/37 Damansara Utama (Uptown), 
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

03-7731 7628



Oh ya they do provide delivery service too, so now you got no reason not to be healthy. Remember, Fresh Code is a health conscious juice / smoother / sorbet that is safe to consume by all age and best part of all it doesn't compromise the taste you desire.

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