Monday, March 18, 2013

The Call

The Call is a movie where action begin in the 911 operation room. Had gotten numerous invite to the movie and had chosen to goto GSC 1 Utama for an earlier screening and for "business" purpose.
The call has a pretty straight forward plot but it is dramatic to some extend. Probably Halle Berry who acted as the 911 operator did a good job in connecting not just to her victim in the movie, but also touched the heart of audience.
Trying hard to recover back from a tragedy few years back, Halle quit answering emergency call and headed on to be the instructor to new recruit. Still haunted by the mistake she had done in the past, tragic strike again, leaving her no choice but to face and aid yet another victim.
Good thing about The Call is where there weren't over many scene in the operation room and scene of the operator speaking to victim. There were on field action and investigation to keep thing at a pace, and let's not forgetting the process of a psycho kidnap.

Rate: 3/5

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