Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Sassy Hubby

My Sassy Hubby is the continuation of the marriage of Cheung Sub Sam (Ekin Cheng) and Yo Yo Ma (Charlene Choi) got married to fulfil a promise by their parents, only to fall in love with each other for real regardless of their huge age gap in "My Wife Is 18" 10 years ago.
Now with both husband and wife feeling the lack of passion and feeling dull in their relationship, things started to stir around and eventually got the best on both of them. To further make things worse, they found that their marriage was unofficial and things weren't going well until both parted their way
And speaking of dull, the overall movie will be very dull too if wasn't for the present of Wong Cho-Lam. Although there's literary no strong reason behind the stir, and seeing that this is yet another comedy chick flick, I must say that I actually enjoy overall section of it.
 Rate: 2.5/5

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