Friday, October 5, 2012

Xmas in Genting

I know you might think this is way to early but in reality it is way back because I kinda misplace my memory card and had accidentally found it just moment ago. I think it was 1 or 2 years back but spending xmas in Genting is definitely something worth mentioning over years
Genting is the closet similarity in terms of weather and coldness and thus is perfect match for the festival. We board the Genting bus from 1 Utama early morning and journey starts when we step foot in Genting.
It was definitely packed during this festival but that's what we enjoyed most, seeing people having fun, walking around, photo shooting, and etc. Wonder if anyone remember or been to Pizza Factory in Resorts World Genting? Well my and my loved one love dining here whenever we are here for the reasonable price and choice of food.
 However the restaurant is no longer there and is being replaced with Bubbles & Bites. Heard this had much WOW factor in it and it is worth a try.
 While chilling around, saw this cute little girl, simulating her play while her parents were no where to bee seen. Cute and active.
Am planning to pay Genting a visit this month and am still scheduling, hope everything will be smooth and I could go enjoy all the new update.

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