Saturday, October 6, 2012

Samsung SMART TV Angry Bird roadshow experience

You've probably heard (or read) about the Samsung SMART TV here (, and do you know that there's some upgrade to the initial feaure? No? Here's something new to drool your eye further more
Yih Yann ( & Nini Ong (
That's right, you can now play angry bird with the Samsung SMART TV using hand motion. We were given a short brief and introduction to the SMART TV because they know we are eager to fly some bird.
But because the SMART TV have more to offer, some of us tend to lose focus and ended up playing every SMART TV available possible.

Personally I've tested out the angry bird on Samsung SMART TV using only motion and I must say, although it was fun having full control by just using minor muscle and very light waving, it can be tiring at time. That's why the motion detection sensor act quite responsive, thus allowing you to put your hand down after very shot.
After a few round of test run, there were some small competition where three winner will walk away with a huge sized angry bird. If you wish to try it out yourself, you can drop by Best Denki 1 Utama, or any other electrical shop that have this dedicated angry bird booth.
And guess what's for lunch? Anyway remember to try out the awesome angry bird not just only on a ultra huge display, but also with motion / gesture.

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