Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Thank @NuffnangMY for the invitation to one of my most awaited movie of the year, TED from none other than Seth MacFarlane, the guy behind Family Guy
Ted bring back the magical moment when wishes would become reality and as a result of little John Bennett's wish, his Xmas gift, a teddy bear was brought to life. Living innocently like how every little kid did, soon John and Ted (short for teddy) grew up.
Both Ted and John's friendship is put to test when John's 4 years girlfriend, Lori wanted to have a private space for just the two of them.
There were obviously known fact that the movie will go through some amount of censorship in order to fulfil and to abide the Malaysian law, but since most the F word get a green light, I wonder why they censor the thunder song.
Overall Ted wasn't as good as I expected. If you follow Family Guy closely you will notice, Ted is left way behind. There's more in Peter Griffin than in Ted, and I think it was just average in its joke whereas plot wise is predictable. Strictly not a movie for the children.

Rate: 2.5/5

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