Thursday, October 11, 2012

Leo Ku Amazing World

Resorts World Genting feature only the best, from East to West, and guess who will be coming to not just Malaysia but to Genting for a night of memorable concert?

The King of Love Songs, Leo Ku Kui-Kei, will be at Resorts World Genting this November to stage his first solo concert in Malaysia in 5 years. Collaborating with Hong Kong's famous music director, Mark Lui, you can be assured this concert will be an extravagant affair. In line with the theme “Amazing World”, the concerts on this tour have been a truly surreal experience with plenty of choreography which took audiences into a delightful and fantastical music dreamland.

Leo Ku has released over 35 albums and has won nearly 300 male singer and music awards throughout his music career. Leo was also selected and honoured as one of the "Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Hong Kong" in 2005 by the Government of Hong Kong. His most well-known hit songs include “Love Coming Home”, “Belated Love”, “Shower”, “The Genius and the Idiot”, “Monica”, “Love and Honesty”, “Sorrow Hits Man”, “Nobita”, “Killing Move”, “Let Heaven Shed Its Tears”, “Holiday in Rome”, “Enjoy Yourself Tonight”, “Friendship” and many more.

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