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#ChurpOut2012 - Geek view

It was a rainy Saturday morning on 13 October 2012 but the whole-day long heavy rain failed to wash away crowd from flocking into Publika. Well in case you're still blur, it was the #ChurpOut2012 event where there's bazaar, creative talents, performance, and of course games and prizes.

To be honest, initially I was reluctant to go #ChurpOut2012 simply because I feel old, as if my battery is running low despite waking up not too long ago. I anyhow manage to pull myself together and off I go fetching Nini Ong and Chloe Ham to peek at what's happening there.
This is the schedule for the entire day and as seen, there's none gap for you to rest, is like having your homescreen filled with apps and goodies. I went there rather early, as in very early like how people would go queue up early for Samsung Galaxy Note II launch because the first 1000 who register at #ChurpOut2012 would receive a goodies bag.
Photo Credit to Nuffnang Facebook
What's inside the goodies bag? Well obviously there's Mister Potato snack, there's tons of voucher like Xixili, Restaurant Zuo, Boost Juice, Starbuck, Free Makeover, and many more.

There were also voucher from where you can use it on thier website do drop by and check out their amazing collection whether for you or for her.

In conjunction with Rap Against STD, Durex want you to protect yourself like how you would protect your phone with screen protector and casing. Anyway this is what's happen prior to the official opening time, jam packed.

The indoor is where the bazaar is located, there's booth from Durex, Celcom, also bloggers were seen displaying some exclusive clothing and items for sales at blogger price, trust me on that :D

Blogger like, and many more can be spotted here at #ChurpOut2012

While every booth is receiving good response, there's one booth decorated mainly in blue caught my attention with a long queue, being curious I went to queue up not knowing what's happening. It turn out there's a live caricature done by cheeching and akiraceo (depending on session) where the end result would be printed out at no cost.

Personally I didn't manage to get myself draw by either of the talented blogger because I can't wait to get dunk at #WhatChuWant on the other end of the bazaar.

Here's a photo of Isaac Tan who is as happy as his caricature done by cheeching.

While I was looking for the Dunk Zone, I was offered to sample a cookie, it immediately caught my attention cause the cookies were awesome and what's more interesting is that there were several different type of cookies and also an custom made ChurpChurp figure, OMG! Yes they are good in customising just like how flexible Android is :D

Upon reaching the arcade area, the first thing I did is rather kiasu, I rush to the registration counter to register myself in the pimp your car contest, but I was late, there's already 20 participant who registered before me, damn.

But anyway after an hour of hardwork, Daniel Chiam was announced the winner of the car pimping contest and that make him a proud owner of Samsung Galaxy S3, my S3 T.T Regardless, big congrat to Daniel as seen, his car is indeed well done.

Without delaying further, I immediately make a tweet to @XpaxSays with hash tag of #ChurpOut2012 and #WhatChuWant and was instantly invited to the dunk zone

I was kinda worry when I have to climb and sit approx one floor high above ground since I am afraid of height all this while. Sitting there nervously, regretting, and planning to back out, and just before I wave down the person in charge, I has been dunked.

Guess what I won from the #WhatChuWant Dunk?

But you know what, it was actually FUN! I don't mind getting dunk as many time as I could, because for every dunk I get, I can pick a ping pong ball bearing a number on it and guess what each number represent a prize. The prize would range from an exclusive ChurpChurp badge, to Chatime Voucher, to Starbucks Giftcard, to H&M Voucher, to Top Shop Voucher, and other cool prizes. As for the grand prize, here's a list of it
Blu-Ray Front Surround System
40” Smart Full HD LED TV
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0
Samsung Galaxy S3
Nikon Coolpix Waterproof AW100

Before you go around saying the grand prize is not included since you can't check what's behind each number, let me introduce to you @paotastic the girl who got 3 grand prize in all her 3 dunk o.0

Yes, three freaking grand prize, she is indeed in a lot of luck. After my friends and I get dunked, out of sudden we felt so hungry and decided to dine in the food court in Pulika cause I am not ready to leave yet. We went to Restaurant Zuo to fill our stomach

These different style of fried rice cost RM10.90 but thank God for the voucher we spend only RM5 each. That's like more than 50% off. Best part of all, we can use all 3 voucher in a single table / receipt. The food were decent with huge portion and the service was awesome. On the way back to the #ChurpOut2012 we stumble upon the cheerleading team that spice up the day. How I wish they were there to support me when I was about to get dunk

Now now there's some old school classic game, like how you can play emulator in your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to revive your childhood memory.

Among them were "Loop the bottle" (I just simply made that out cause I don't know the exact name) where each try will be given 3 small ring and you'll have to make sure at least one ring fits and sits into any bottle. Only then you will be given a stamp, collect all four stamp and you'll be eligible for a luck draw. 

Difficult level: Very Easy
Skill Required: Just throw the ring higher and eventually will fall perfectly on the bottle

Next up is the "Electrical Maze" where you will need to go get the electrical rod through the path from one end to another without hitting the "wall", otherwise there will be a buzz

Difficult Level: Intermediate
Skill Required: Patient and go slow, don't rush

You have "Ring the Bell" next where each participant would get three chance to get the nuts on the bottom, shoot it all the way above and hit the bell. Look and sound easy huh but it is not. The Mjǫlnir hammer is heavy and being short has its disadvantages.

Difficult Level: Hard
Skill Required: Hit on the sit instead of the middle of the pad / target, jump if required

Last but not least, the "Steering" game where you have to steer the ball to fall only on designated hole. Sound tough but not really. You will have to calculate the momentum of the ball sliding down, minus the wind from the rainy day, subtract it with the resistance from the surface. Nay who am I kidding, I fail physics. Just follow lead

Difficult Level: Intermediate
Skill Required: Follow how everyone did it until the ball is at the designated hole, just your judgement to make the score

On a side game, do you dare to ride the bull, it will fling anyone off its back as soon as you're on it. Question is, how long can you last?

With all the fun activity aside, let's look into the performance that day.

Hours before the real performance start, staff were seen busy testing and testing to make sure every beat sound perfect. When there's drum, you're damn sure I would drool.

The Malaysia Ukulele Group is seen in the indoor near bazaar area, syok sendiri  bringing music to the shopper and the "waiters" who is queueing up for the caricature. Just kidding, the group went all the way to the stage too and it attracted crowd wherever they step foot in.

There were also dance performance by Freedom Dance Studio, moving along to several remix song and not forgetting the Gangnam Style too.

When night falls, the performance still going strong with different schedule every single time slot. That's when the Youtubers' Challenge begin. Familiar faces was call upon stage for some challenge. Name like Joseph Germani, Ruben, Dan Khoo, Jinny, Ming Thing, Bryan.

There's also Daphne Iking & Fashion Valet + Amber Chia Academy fashion show

The show end with DJ Fuzz but the memory live on. There were not a single dull moment at #ChurpOut2012 and only a awesome phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can bring you hours and entertainment without failing you with long lasting battery, and even if it run low, you can replace the battery easily.

Also Acoustic set by Lim Sher Lin

The stage performance does not happen only during the night, I remember when I was about to get dunk there was some loud drum beat coming from the stage, and it seems that it was the Eco Drum Circle.

The great success of #ChurpOut2012 beside from the ChurpChurp team, credit have to be given to Xpax for all the awesome prizes, not forgetting other partner like BCard, Durex, Mamee, Fashion Valet, DSYR, Xixili, Zuo, and Boost Juice.

For those who missed the #ChurpOut2012 because you don't know where Publika is, here's the address

Level U2, Block C5,
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

I am taking part in the #ChurpOut2012 and #CelcomNote2 contest in conjunction with the street fair with a cause. Details can be found here

Why I think the Note 2 is best on Celcom?
Celcom is the only ONE with nationwide clear reception coverage,
Galaxy Note 2 is TWICE satisfaction in every angle,
Celcom provides THRICE the speed of mobile Internet,
Galaxy Note 2 process "QUARD" faster than its successor and competitor,
Last by note least, Celcom offer really crazy deal with freebies along the way!

Why I deserve the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?
To me, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 deNOTE freedom, eliminating the NOTEbook & restriction boundary, pocketing the bankNOTE, and portrait of a successful keyNOTE

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