Monday, September 10, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution

Last week, in the very last minute, I manage to secure a pair of invite to the gala premiere of Resident Evil: Retribution at TGV Sunway Pyramid, where Lee Bingbing is schedule to be there for a promo of the movie.
Personally I miss bits and parts of the event but here's a photo of Lee Bingbing during the promo who wish that there were more fight scene for her as her previous film with stars like Jet Li and so had trained her to be a fighter.
Back to the movie, where everything begin with a backward slow motion style giving a picture on what's happening in a 'parallel' world where Alice woke up to thinking it was a nightmare. Fret not, this ain't spoiler as the scene could be found on one of its many trailer. Things evolves around a sweet and harmony family space with little surprise not too draggy after.
 In this episode Alice was forced to fight umbrella corp along with resistance movement in a huge laboratory  environment with different simulator section. Thus expect to see not only familiar 'faces' (or character) and scene in this episode
The plot is pretty straight forward with no past story knowledge required to understand this as every important details is repeated. Lee Bingbing screen time is quite OK if were to compare to others but still think she could have more.
Overall I think it is quite an enjoyable movie to watch over the weekend but if you're those who expect something more than just gun fight 90% of the time, stay out. Personally, I find the zombies kinda like masked / make up monster this round
Oh ya not only am I watching it on gala premiere but were also invited to watch it on Club 1 hall where one would have expected that it is something similar to GSC Gold Class or Cathay Platinum Class.
But in reality it is just something similar to GSC's Signature class with no walk path in between seats. The only hall left for me to try will be Beanieplex.

Rate: 3/5

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