Thursday, August 23, 2012


Yet another clash screening between Diva and Dinosaur Project and Diva ended to be my choice instead. Diva stars a few famous name not only among the movie industry but also along the music line like Joey Yung and others cast were Mag Lam, Hu Ge, Chapman To.
The story reflect life behind a Diva who technically have very little say in her very own life, with literary no privacy whether on or off stage. The movie also portray life of new come, how sweet and tight bonding would turn sour and how dirty the industry is behind those camera.
 While there were several glamorous scene and background to bring out the fame in the artist, the ugly part in  this movie is that their singing / voice were muted during the glorious moment.
Thus it is pretty save to say the movie focus less on the musical part and focus on bringing the clear cut on the different between love singing and becoming an artist.
A movie without much music and background music while reflecting a lifeless moment of a Diva who is at her peak could be really boring and thank to Chapman To who play the role of a manager who would go beyond the line just to get anything done along his will, and these include some humour in it all along the movie.
Diva isn't your ordinary musical / love story kind of movie but instead the camera evolves around the Diva and the new comer. [SPOILER BEGIN]There were no ending toward the movie as in real life nobody would know what happen to the superstar out there too.[SPOILER END]

Rate: 2.5/5

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