Saturday, March 31, 2012

Titanic 3D

Titanic 3D is NOT a new title nor was it a remake film from the origin, it is merely a 3D version from the original film released in 1997.
Thank to Yuberactive, I manage to catch the special screening of Titanic 3D before the actual release date in Malaysia which fall on 5th April 2012.
Guess 90% of you have watch or at least heard how good and awesome the movie is, but is it really worth it watching it in 3D?
Well in my honest opinion, the 3D effect weren't the main attraction. Titanic was filmed more than 15 years back and despite having restricted technology, it manage to put the jaw breaking scene into audience. One would wonder how the heck did they create sure massive destruction in the era where more people are still using mobile phone instead of smartphone.
If you however think or somehow remembered Titanic is those I love you, you love me genre of film, then you're wrong. It is a movie based on true story, with heart wrenching moment, with comedy, with humanity, and is a movie of survival as well.
And nope, it doesn't have super awesome weapon like Battleship or sci-fi alien like Transformer, but what it offers is beyond that. It gave audience an actual simulation on what when wrong, how it go wrong, and how human would react in such situation.
I know seating still for 195minutes ain't easy, but if you observe well, you'll notice that you've been suck into the movie together with Jack and Rose. Not only that, you will be amazed with the scene, the way plot is executed, and the massive scene. Seriously, even some movie CGI released in recently years is no match for this! After all Titanic don't win awards for no reason, it touched the heart and soul of the audience.

I would say it is a movie worth going for again after so many years, and do bring your jacket along so that you don't get frozen together with Jack and Rose. Not to forget a big portion of popcorn, you'll definitely need it.

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