Monday, March 26, 2012

Celcom and Prada, the Perfect Match

Let's be frank, who here would like to own Prada product? I bet 100% of you would want to own one, and guess what Celcom is bringing your dream closer, turning wish into reality (and no you don't have to slap or pinch yourself, it is true) with yet another anticipating collaboration with Prada - the brand that sell
Celcom being the pioneer telco in Malaysia that cover every territory and no matter which "kampung" you're in, you're sure to get a stable line (or bar as some called it)  that keeps you connected.
Psst.. Celcom is also giving an exclusive Prada Bluetooth for the first 100 people to get this phone from selected Blue Cube outlets with their best Celcom plans! Seriously now everyone can own a Prada with this amazing deal from Celcom.
Prada is every girl's dream, and every guy's wish, and seeing that Mother's day & Father's day is coming soon, there's more reason why you should get one :p
So here's a video on why I think Celcom and Prada make perfect match.


Zyu said...

Haha, I actually see no need in branded goods.

Tony Teh said...

Yo, visiting here for the first time, man. If this is the entry for the contest, all the best yo =)

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