Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You Are The Apple Of My Eye

Had my second screening at MBO Subang Parade momentary ago and this time round I am watching You Are The Apple Of My Eye. During my visit I've experienced disturbance during the movie. I keep getting this "Hsst" sound on and off for quite some time.. Don't really know what cause the sound but it definitely not coming from the speaker.
This movie is adapted from a novel written by Giddens Ko and the movie is aid audience re-live their forgotten sweet memory.
Love during school time, who doesn't have it? Me.. Technically I'm #foreveralone back then.. But the movie do have few scene that would make the audience to flash back to the good old day (or the other way round).
If you are born before the 90s I'm definitely sure you get to see a reflection of yourself on the big screen.. With a perfect mixture of comedy and romance, it all blend well to keep the audience awake and hope for more.. I however find that the humour part was rather so-so.. Perhaps I have set higher expectation since many praised the movie.
**Off topic: I saw someone who resemble a friend of mine and a guy that resemble Edison Chen**
Overall it was probably the best Chinese love story that I've come across in 2011..

Rate: 3/5

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Ali Zeeshan said...

hmm Looking interesting moive I will watch it..

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