Monday, November 7, 2011

My Happiest Moment

The reason my blog is named after Beautiful Mistake is because it all begin with the wrong intention. I was and still is a contest junkie and I took every entry/challenge of mine seriously. The reason I started blogging is also because it was a mechanism of the contest back then.
Different contest may have different requirement and rules and regulation that we participant have to obey. This is where the interesting part. I will have to throw such question and task to myself and thus keeping me thinking and executing all the time.
Taken from Simon Facebook (
Of course after all the effort I invested in, I would be crazily superb happier if I won. But in reality everyone again have different taste and judgement point, thus winning ALL the contest is a dream.
Taken from Pensonic Facebook (
Of course people (or rather the judge) would then question why should we event consider this guy a shot? Well, if you notice those "winning" photo they don't come from my camera. I hate bragging! These photo where I was tag is what you see, but what you really don't see is that those that I put in 10000000000% effort and end up getting nuts.

***Note that I'm not complaining nor am I bragging in anyway

It is not all about winning when I decided to be a junkie, it is the process that make it fun and memorable. I in fact have more of "process" photo than winning photo. Call me weird but that's what I enjoyed.
It would be even memorable if we both are involved in every stage of the contest because we have already won ourself a lifetime journey and memory that others couldn't afford to reward.
I take it as a motivation to keep my brain alive and to keep me coming back for more :D There were however plenty of creative people out there that shares the same interest and I'm pretty sure that they would have also enjoy the process of joining any challenge.
My Happiest Moment is definitely the artwork that I've created and I'm proud with each and every single of it.
All thank to the photography technology, I can now create a contest and with a little aid I could capture the memory along.

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