Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's a great great world

It was a Gala Premiere for the movie It's a great great world here in Malaysia on 5 August 2011 with screening at GSC Berjaya Time Square at 7.30PM. Because of that it took me a while to decide whether or not to attend because I need to fight through the hectic jam during rush hour and have to drive that faaaaaaaaaaaaaar to be there. In the end I cannot resist the idea of NOT having this movie passes as part of collection. So I end up going through all the pain.
From the poster itself you would know that there were plenty of popular cast (provided you watch Singapore movie), but not every big cast get a fair chance of screen time, simply because they are not the main actor / actress in the movie. They were there to spice and hype up the interest.
Before the movie begin, few of the major cast from the movie actually made appearance to thank those who attended and gave some brief introduction to the movie. It is only then I know the movie is about a once used to be popular place called Great World
Now come the main question, was it good? It was okay to me but not to the extend that I enjoy 100%. Perhaps it is more suitable to my grandparent / parent because of the old school scene / act / and song.
There were scene where I could feel the 'sad happiness' from the movie character and yet it was filled with crazy joke that stop the tear from flowing. Oh ya note that it is recommended that you brush up your hokkien / hakka / chinese / cantonese / hainan / fu chow language before you watch this, it was a mixed between all those mentioned language.

Need a reason to watch the movie? What about the fact that they need to create/build the long lost paradise - Great World and given with such limited resources, they manage it.

Rate: 2.5/5

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