Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sakae Food Tasting

Well guess what it is yet another awesome event made happen by Nuffnang, Nuffnang G+, and of course Sakae Shushi itself for this blessing food tasting section. It was held at 1 Utama and Sakae sushi was relocated to lower ground (same level with KFC, McDonald's, Kenny Roger) and damn the ambiance is freaking comfy.
 There were also an allocated space for some cute stuff.. Argh.. should get myself one during my coming birthday..

Well considering I reach quite early (on time actually, but if Malaysia so you know) I took the opportunity to snap photo around while meeting the friendly people from not jut Nuffnang but also Sakae Sushi. Oh ya, did I mention that you can now enjoy sushi deliver to you on a conveyor?
 Look at the cozy design. Doesn't it make you want to spend whole day siting there? Also the clean, neat, and comfy space for your maximum dining experience.
Well if you are a Malaysian who often get stuck in traffic during/after office hour, I bet you came across this Sakae Sushi advertisement over the radio where it emphasize that the salmon was imported from Norway. Well here's some little secret, Sakae had long planned to create such awareness even before the Japan earthquake incident, but due to financial cycle issue, the campaign was push forward, which coincidently it was after the fear over radioactive food being imported from Japan. So now you know, you can eat with ease.

Beside the new environment, there were also new feature added to this newly relocated outlet, the touch screen ordering system. If your fav sushi runs out on the conveyor, fret not, you are just a touch away. Wanna order something that is not sushi? You are too a touch away.
 To be honest, it wasn't tough to use the ordering system. What's tough is what to order from a list of thousand-feels-alike menu. But for me I find it hard for me to order because most of the name is display according to the Japanese naming. So if a always-rely-on-others-to-order person like me might have to spend more time to get to the item I want as I need to enter and exit in search for it.
 Lucky for me that night, there is already a pre-arrange menu for us.
Now less words and photos shall we? Let's eat, on nom nom nom.. For starter there is a Sakae Salad which look almost like "yee sang" because you get to toss it :)
Not bad for a starter, you get a mixture of fresh salmon and vege covered with plum dressing to open up your appetite..
Next up Hotate Mentaiyaki for just RM20.90. What's in it? Well it is actually juicy scallops grilled with codfish roe and comes with mayonnaise dressing. Personally I think although it is slightly salty, I still wanna have more of it, you should try it out!
 A close up for your drooling purpose.. Next up..
Soft Shell Crab Tempura. Man you  know how much I love fried food and this is a definite 5 stars dish for me :p Well I hate it when it comes to seafood, because they are too hassle to consume, example like prawn, crab, etc, you need to peel off the shell before you can enjoy it, imaging having 10 or 20s of em.. don't think it would be enjoyable.
However for only RM13.90 I get to enjoy great food without the hassle as you can just chew and swallow together with the shell. Freaking tasting to the max and I just can't seems to have enough of this until I have to ''fight" for more

 This is a combinationn of Salmon Sushi, Sakae Candle, and Snowflake Salmon Delight.

Let's burn light this baby up will ya.. 

 Scakae Chawanmushi is a side order that we order besides the main menu.. You see the manage there was not just busy serving us, but they make sure we eat and stuff ourself to dead and fill our tummy nicely before allowing us to leave, that's why there were so many more other incoming food that we munch and chew that night.
The assorted sorbet which cost within the range of RM8.90 - RM10.90 is a fruity low fat desserts to complete your dining experience. You can choose from pineapple, lemon, and orange. 
 It is kinda sour for the orange and lemon, so if you can't take sourness, you should probably order the pineapple and of ya, you can actually share it among others cause the portion is quite big and I had hard time finishing my lemon sorbet.
Well that conclude the specially arrange menu for us, but we are not done yet, there were more food that keeps arriving on our table.. Here's more yummilicious photo to drool you..

Overall it is a Yummilicious dining experience for me and the rest, and we enjoyed especially the new dishes very much. There were other activity too like membership sign up, photo taking, and get to confess too.. Looking forward to my next dining here at Sakae Sushi again.

Oh for you Nuffnangers out there, you should probably meet new Nuffies - Anne Cheah (on your right) the new blogger relations
Got this photo when they both (Khai Sim and Anne) wanted to try out my dual screen camera (codename syok sendiri camera) Samsung ST550

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