Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our World, Their War

If I were to choose a side between Autobots and Decepticons, I will opt for Decepticons (Option B) simply because they are much cooler and have many other form that they can morph (transform) into. If only I have the power I will transform myself into the leader of Decepticons named Megatron
See I even get cool introduction scene, told ya it would be awesome to join my side, I mean Decepticons. I choose Megatron because he is the only one with brain among his team member and he doesn't have to keep his "hand" clean while getting others to do the dirty and messy job.. But still having a brainless have its price to pay but judging from my position as a leader, I'm in a win win situation. Here's what happen few days back.
I send Sideway to finish his all time rival which happen to be Autobots best sidekick and best spy who keeps getting in our way and interrupt our mastermind planning. It was suppose to be an ambush but..
Hours later....
Those ambush dumb fool went to queue up for movie with GSC-EON Bank Credit Card, while card holder actually get priority ticketing lane. Worse part is that they left Sideway alone to battle Sideswipe..
Unfortunately Sideway was no match for Sideswipe and had scarifies on the spot..
While the Autobots were celebrating their victory
The ambush team finally arrive to scene..
Without The Cube, there is nothing we can do to save the life of our lost one. Without it we can't even create new army neither. At this moment, some rare occasion happen as if lighting strike the team.
They went on to claim Personal Accident Insurance from the Ultimate Movie Card. In case you are not aware off, the card holder does receive FREE Personal Accident Insurance & Travel Accident Coverage. Not only that, to their amaze, EON Bank tie only with professional and skilled personnel to get the job done.
Beside skilled engineer that we get, we get highly premium quality spare part and thank God it doesn't cost us a penny. Now Sideway is stronger and faster than before
With that Sideway is able to finish up each and every single bots on the Autobots team without aid without hassle
Even Sam is not spared just to ensure that there is no trouble maker when I, the Megatron rule the world.
Yes Sam, be afraid, be very afraid as I would not spare your life.

So for those of you reading this, be prepare, be aware that 2012 ain't gonna happen, because I will end the fear for you human being, I will end the pain for you by taking every single soul away from earth this June/July 2011. 
Do remember to catch us on big screen, perhaps your last movie in the cinema with Nuffnang and EON Bank for the pre-screening of Transformer 3.  Oh ya here's some preview of what those surviving soul would be doing when we rule the world
Yes, cleaning the mess and I don't wanna see it within my sight. Until we meet again, enjoy your remaining days while the clock tick.


Nick said...

u collect the figures? i do have POPOBE figures.. i collect POPOBE figures.. heard before ? :P

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