Monday, May 2, 2011

I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

Don't you just love the thought of what I would do if I'm a pirate?
Well I do have such fetish and what I thing are the best 3 things being a pirate are:
Pirates of the Caribbean 4
1. I would love to travel around world not just for FREE but also get some earning (I don't know but you people seems to call it robbery but we the pirate called it toll fee) when someone want to pass the border that I'm in charge off

2.  Girls does play an important part in every man's life, but guys, do admit that every guy need their own space, thus a male bonding around the world seems to be a good idea, where we gulp beer like water all day long.

3. The last and proudest of all is of course the awesome costume, it is so awesome that even not only we don't shower properly, we even sweat in it. Trust me mate, you don't get the same feel (and smell) for custom made costume.

Sadly I ain't no pirate, I'm just an ordinary guy like everyone else. But I'm glad that Nuffnang have given me the opportunity to catch not just the premier screening of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 but also viewing it in 3D. Do find out more here

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