Wednesday, April 20, 2011

LG Optimus 2X

The LG Optimus 2X had obviously make itself into the history by introducing first ever phone that runs on a dual core processor. If still wanna find out more about the phone's specification, you can check my earlier post
Before you go yelling who on earth need such feature, do read on. You see, phone nowadays is not just a phone and not just a device that keep you connected to the Internet, it is more than that.
You phone today can be your pager, your phone (of course), your alarm, your camera, your entertainment, your mp3 player, your remote controller, your pride, your handheld gaming, your newspaper, your bank assistant, your..... the list goes on.. So you get the idea right, why it is called smartphone.. Beside the features and functionality, the phone can also carry your memories, your work document, your business with you on the go. This is how far your phone can go now.
With the double speed processing power, not only you get faster surfing, youtubing, and performance, you get smooth gameplay/video playback experience too. Gone were the days where you have to wait and bear with the laggy experience with your limited space and processing power.
And here's a sample of the gameplay.

Once you're amazed with the LG Optimus 2X, comes the question, where can I get it and how much it is. Well look no further!

Celcom is one telco that always offers the latest phones with the best deals. The latest unbelievable deal is a chance to be the 1st few to enjoy the world’s 1st dual-core Android smartphone, the powerful LG Optimus 2X (LG P990) – DUAL CORE DEFINES THE THRILL OF SPEED – the fast and hyper performance smartphone with dual core processor.
The LG Optimus 2X comes packed with cutting-edge features for a complete mobile experience. It’s a phone that you will be proud to own. The world’s 1st dual-core smartphone is equipped with the most powerful mobile processor available, the NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2. The dual core CPU excels at multi-tasking between applications and boosts web browsing performance – say goodbye to sluggish response times with rapid application start-up! Plus, enjoy content on larger displays via HDMI mirroring!
In conjunction with the release of the fastest smartphone, Celcom is having a limited time only promotion and all you have to do is to sign up for any selected Celcom packages, not only you can get the phone for as low as RM978, you also get a free HDMI cable to enjoy video / photo captured on your supersize LCD TV at home.

Incase you looking for calculator and old brochures to compare, don't because here's the chart for you to judge

Telco M
Telco D
New Model launch vs. cheapest package price
Samsung Nexus  S – RM1499 (24 mths)
Sony Ericsson Arc – RM1499 (24 mths)
LG Optimus 2X – RM978 (18 mths contract)
HTC Incredible S – RM1199 (24 mths contract)
Monthly Commitment (lowest package)
RM68 (data ONLY plan)
12, 18 and 24 mths
12 and18 mths
12 and 24 mths

Contract up to 24 mths
1GHz Scorpion processor
Lowest Commitment
Minimal Contract
1st Dual Core – Fastest Processor
FREE HDMI cable *First 2000 units
Contract up to 24 mths
1 GHz processor
Notice that there is a limited of 2000 units only, so grab one now before everyone else. Oh ya here's the plan for your reference

Celcom Exec 50 + mBasic 38
Celcom Exec 50 + mAdvance68
Celcom Exec 250
Monthly Commitment
Data FUP
Upfront payment
12 mths contract
18 mths contract
* 12 & 18 months contract apply *RM500 penalty will be imposed in the event of early termination *RM300 upfront payment apply for customers that sign up for 88 & 118 package plan (upfront rebate RM25 x 12) *RM600 upfront payment apply for customers that sign up for 250 package plan (upfront rebate RM50 x 12) *Customers with credit card are encouraged to sign-up for auto billing and enjoy 5% discount on monthly bill every month. *Other Celcom Exec T&C apply

Personally I do think that the LG Optimus 2X worth even if it cost you RM1.8K, but who doesn't like rebate right? For those who are about to swap from ordinary call-and-text-only phone to smartphone, this would be your widest choice. For those who are hardcore user who loves to tweak and customize their phone, LG Optimus 2X which runs on Android suits your needs best. For those looking for a change, this is no doubt should be in your consideration list .

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